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Nice article on the classic white T-shirt that will make you more attractive!

If you want to up your chances of attracting beautiful women, you’ll need to splash out on some expensive designer clobber. At least that’s what most of us believe.

Alternatively, you could splash out on a plain white T-shirt with a letter T on it.

And apparently, you might be better off with the T-shirt. According to a new study, wearing such an item of sartorial elegance can increase a man’s attractiveness by an impressive 12%.

Here’s the T-shirt’s secret and several more super-simple ways to present an altogether more appealing image to women.

Wear a white T-shirt

For the study, male subjects of varying body shapes wore a plain white T-shirt with a large black letter T down the middle, along with one bearing an inverted T and one with no T at all. The pictures were then shown to 30 female undergraduates between the ages of 18 and 25.

The results were revealing. A white T-shirt with an upright T on it increased male attractiveness by an average of 12%, but it had an even greater effect on the perceived attractiveness of men who were carrying a few pounds too many. Toned men were also seen as more attractive when wearing the T-shirt and upright T, but not by as much.

The researchers from Nottingham Trent University who carried out the study said the plain white T-shirt and upright T emphasises a man’s V-shape – broader shoulders tapering to a slimmer waist.

The wider barred seems to emphasise the upper chest when upright, which accentuates men’s optimum shape,  said psychologist Dr Andrew Dunn, who lead the study.

Toned men may get an attractiveness boost by simply wearing a well-fitted white T-shirt, which emphasises their natural v-shape.

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