The Top Ten Websites For Students

best student websitesThe Best Student Sites on the Web

Undergraduate years are the best of your life – or so they say.

Make the most of your student experience by checking out these top websites:

1. Save the Student:

If you’ve lived at home for the last 18 years, it is unlikely that you’ve ever needed to make as many independent decisions and this can be very scary. Knowing how to save money, look for next years’ accommodation, and many other things can be soul-destroying at times…

Luckily Save the Student can help; offering advice on finances, housing, and utilities.

Visit Save the Student

2. The Ultimate Health Food Guide:

healthy food guideOne thing that tends to go out of the window as soon as you properly leave home for the first time is your nutrition and diet. With the amount of flyers you will receive around campus on Freshers’ Week for fast food and pizza outlets it is very tempting to disregard the benefits of fresh food almost instantly.

The Ultimate Health Food Guide offers advice on what to eat for almost any situation – through weight loss, illness, sleep problems among many others. A good place to start for self-medication!

Visit The Ultimate Health Food Guide

 3. NHS:

NHS-logoLet’s be honest, the very least we can expect from student life is extended periods of the dreaded Freshers Flu – which oddly enough never hits during Freshers’ Week. There are though a number of other, more serious health issues as well which you may wish to seek online advice about.

Every University Students’ Union should provide a sign-up service with a local GP at the start of the year, but for more information about illnesses and health tips this should be your first port of call.

Visit The NHS Site

4. Third Year Abroad:

third year abroadMany courses these days are Four-year degrees which include a “sandwich” year – usually in the third year. This can be arranged through your university or department and generally involves a placement in a professional workplace, or study in an overseas institution. Going away for a year to experience a change of scene is hugely exciting but it can also be a little bit daunting for even the most extrovert student.

Third Year Abroad provides you with a bank of information about Erasmus schemes and other year abroad connections which can help you to decide whether a year away is for you, and what precautions you should take to make the most of the experience.

Visit Third Year Abroad

5. Cooklet:

cookletAs above, it can often be daunting having to cater for yourself in a student environment, away from home. Cooklet is a quick recipe website which acts as an “Instagram for Food” – including pictures to whet your appetite, ingredients, and instructions on how to cook up a storm.

These recipes are fun and easy, and will not get in the way of your hectic student lifestyle!

Visit The Cooklet Site

6. Just Eat:

just eatOk so we’ve told you that looking after what you eat is important, but sometimes we all just want to come in after a hard day, put our feet up and order a takeaway. Throw in the likelihood of a hangover for your typical student and there is very little resistance!!

Just Eat gives you a definitive list of hundreds of local outlets to choose from with customer reviews and a star rating so you judge them for yourself…..and then they even deliver the food for you!!

An absolute lifesaver in difficult times!

Visit Just Eat

7. Groupon:

grouponUnless you have a part-time job alongside studying for your degree, chances are money is going to be tight – and in all likelihood most of it will end up behind the Union Bar anyway. If you and your housemates ever fancy treating yourself to a restaurant meal, an event, or even a foot-rub and massage but think it’s out of your price range, this is the site for you.

With hundreds of exclusive local offers to take advantage of every day, it is proving hugely popular with students.

Visit The Groupon Site

8. Student Beans:

student beansIt may be well-established, but it is still an excellent provider of outstanding offers and vouchers for the value-seeking student.

Visit Student Beans

9. Keep Me Out:

keep me out“Keep Me Out” does exactly what it says: it can block you from accessing user-specified websites. Ideal if you’re trying hard to study but keep accessing social media to see if your mate has uploaded last night’s photos yet, or watching that hilarious Youtube video of the dancing dog again and again.

Keep Me Out has a timer where users can choose to receive “warnings” for visiting a site too frequently….a natural deterrent of course!

Visit Keep Me Out

*Most importantly of all…

10. Your University’s Students’ Union Page!!

Nobody knows more about what is going on at your university than your own union, and everything you need to know regarding Events, Parties, Student Elections, In-house Shops & Services, and Clubs & Societies will be posted on the Union website.

Joining Societies and Extra-Curricular Activities is an absolutely monumental part of university life, and through regular visits to your union site you can register for participation to try something new, or rekindle an old hobby from school days. Whatever it may be, meeting people through weekly activities is a fantastic way to make friends quickly.

In fact, it is well worth selecting this as your browser homepage, so you can never miss out on the latest news from your union!!

Everybody at Shirtworks Ltd. would like to wish you the best of luck for this Academic Year – Work Hard and Party Harder!!



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