Teddy Hall Hunks win the day!

Ok; so Teddy Hall didn’t win the Summer Eights event but they still scored a victory worthy of note.

The muscle men at SEH raced off the line with an early power surge only to have their stern chaffed constantly by a veteran Univ team who were last Torpids stash refund winners.

It is really impressive to see that some of the Oxford Colleges posses a unit cohesion which they are able to bring to bare in any fight. We would love to see some others taking part but I guess we can’t all be ‘alpha’ colleges 😉

Wolfson and Keble looked like they might make a race of it but sheer weight of numbers from the two leaders kept them at bay.

This ‘stash refund’ event is proving a favorite on the racing calender so standby for the next big one to tie in with the Christ Church Regatta in November.

Well done SH, good skills!


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