Stepping Into Sustainability: How To Make Your Business Green

Tips on Improving Your Business’ Green Credentials

recyclingAt Shirtworks, we’re proud of our green credentials and our ethical policies, and we are helping more businesses across the UK improve their approach and their supply chain as they use our products and services.

As well as having an impact on the environment, having a green policy implemented in your business can also save your organisation money.


One of the keys areas of waste within the office environment. Reducing use of paper in your office, therefore, can have a massive impact on the global environment. Encourage employees to avoid printing out emails, and make moves for your marketing literature to be sent to customers via email instead of in the post. Of course, some things will still need to be printed, so consider changing to recycled paper for your printer.


Putting recycling bins in your office will make a significant difference to your green credentials. Allowing scrap paper to be recycled and food waste to be composted is a great way of running an office in a sustainable way. It is key, however, to ensure that bins are clearly labelled so staff aren’t tempted to mix their recyclables undoing all the hard work from others.



Energy Reducing

The energy usage of your business can be easier than you think. Simply changing from a traditional halogen bulb to LED lightbulbs will mean that lighting your offices will be more energy efficient. Putting motion sensors in the office will mean that lights are only on when your staff are in – which is clearly only when they are needed.

This also means you don’t have to rely on your staff to be conscientious and turn lights off behind them as they leave. If you are really committed to the green cause then you could consider powering your office with alternative energy, by installing solar panels to create your own electricity for your business. One of the most simple first steps is encouraging staff and colleagues to turn off electrical devices at the plug at the end of each day.


It is essential that we only use what water we need. If you have a dishwasher in your office kitchen ensure that it is only being turned on when it is full. You could also consider automatic taps in the kitchens and bathrooms, so that water isn’t left running when no one is using it.


embrriodery-inspectionIf you choose to have your staff in uniforms, think carefully about what they are made of. Choosing organic cotton approved by the soil association will mean that the items are kinder to the planet.

Choosing a local supplier for uniforms will reduce your carbon footprint with less miles being travelled to get new garments.

Note: Read about our green credentials here.

Carbon Footprint

Encouraging your employees to think about how they travel to the office will often see a big change in attitudes. By running a car pooling scheme in the office, with clear benefits, such as preferential parking spaces, or an extra half day off per month to your staff will mean less pollution.

Cycle to work schemes too can be very effective if many of your staff live nearby and are given the same benefits. You can also lower your carbon footprint by choosing to buying office supplies and raw materials from local suppliers, so that less miles are travelled to get to your business.

Green Web Hosting

If any element of your business takes place online then using a green web hosting company could be a great option for you. Green web hosting companies may cost a little more, however these businesses are run sustainably, using renewable energy sources for servers and infrastructure, and some even put some of their profits into planting more trees.

Biodegradable Cleaners

Chemicals in traditional cleaners are a significant problem for water pollution across the UK. Processing waste water so that it is safe enough to drink takes a significant amount of energy, so the less we pollute, the better it is for the planet. There are many products available on the market which are biodegradable and as effective as traditional cleaners.

More and more the general public and your customers are considering sustainability and personal impact on the planet. So, when you have made these steps towards a greener business make sure you make a big deal about it!

Remember, sharing your green credentials on your website will give customers the peace of mind that they are working with a conscientious and considerate business.

For more information about how our printed and embroidered workwear and uniforms help businesses improve their green credentials, get in touch with Shirtworks by calling 0800 072 5334 or contacting us online.

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