Starting a Clothing Brand: Success with Shirtworks

Ever dreamt of starting a clothing brand? Of seeing your unique designs on the streets and runways?

We’ve all had those dreams, right? Doodling ideas during long meetings. Sketching styles in coffee shop corners.

The question is – what’s stopping you from making those dreams a reality?

Lack of knowledge? Resources maybe? Fear even?

I get it; starting a business can be daunting. With Shirtworks by your side, it doesn’t have to be.

In this post, we’ll guide you through launching an ethical and sustainable clothing brand without breaking the bank.

A new chapter begins here for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs like yourself…

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Start Your Clothing Brand with Shirtworks

At Shirtworks, we make the process easier and more enjoyable. We use print-on-demand services that let you kick-start your brand without a huge investment. Our method also ensures maximum sustainability for your business.

No need to worry about ethics in production – we’ve got it covered. We offer Fair Trade garments and GOTS-approved apparel. That means our products are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

The quality of prints can either make or break your brand’s reputation – we get this completely. Hence, at Shirtworks, we offer DTG , DTF or embroidery and use Kornit direct-to-garment printing machines to produce high-quality prints on every garment.

If you’re worried about costs (and who isn’t?), rest easy because ShirtWorks is all about affordable solutions. Our cost-effective approach lets you focus on growing your brand instead of fretting over finances.

To top it off, all our services are based right here in the UK ensuring reliability and professionalism when starting out with us as part of launching your clothing line.

Ethical Printing Services

At Shirtworks, we take ethical printing seriously. We not only strive to create visually appealing garments but also ensure they are ethically produced.

We pride ourselves on using Fair Trade and GOTS-approved materials for our custom t-shirt and garment printing services. Opting to collaborate with us means you’re backing just labour conditions and sustainable methods in the textile sector.

Fair Trade Committed

We’re committed to Fair Trade principles because they help ensure workers get a fair deal. In practice, this means decent working conditions and wages for farmers and producers involved in making our products.

Learn more about what Fair Trade means here.

Living Wage Employer

At Shirtworks we believe in paying our workers the real living wage, which is above the legal minimum wage and are proud to be a member of the Living Wage Foundation.

Find our more on the Living Wage

GOTS Approved Garments

Besides being Fair Trade compliant, we also use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) approved materials whenever possible. These standards make sure that textiles meet high-level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain of organic fibres – including ecological aspects as well as social ones.

Find out more about GOTS here.

Making Ethical Choices Easy

You don’t need to sacrifice style or quality to make an ethical choice. Our print-on-demand service allows your clothing brand start-up with minimum investment but maximum sustainability.

Explore our range of ethically produced garments now.

Remember – choosing Shirtworks doesn’t only mean getting top-notch prints; it’s also about supporting ethical practices in the textile industry. Because at Shirtworks, we believe that looking good shouldn’t come at someone else’s expense.

High-Quality Prints

For the budding clothing brand, nothing is more essential than producing prints of exceptional quality to bring your designs to life. But not just any kind of quality; we’re talking about high-quality prints that bring your designs to life.

This is where Shirtworks comes into play. Using the latest direct-to-garment printing technology, Shirtworks ensures crisp and vibrant print results on all garments.

The Magic Behind Direct-To-Garment Printing

You might ask, what makes direct-to-garment printing so special? It’s like having an artist meticulously paint each detail onto the fabric with great precision. This method allows for highly detailed designs with virtually unlimited colour options.

In fact, it doesn’t stop at colours alone. With this technique, even intricate shading and gradients can be achieved seamlessly – making every piece truly unique and remarkable.

Quality That Lasts

We’ve all been there. You buy a shirt you love only to find that after a few washes the design fades or cracks —not cool. But worry no more because our prints are made to last.

The secret lies in using water-based inks that bond directly with the fibres of your garment during printing—giving it durability while maintaining softness against skin—an absolute win-win situation if you ask us.

Making Your Brand Stand Out

To top off everything else we offer at Shirtworks: let’s talk uniqueness—your ticket towards standing out from crowd-filled marketplaces. Our custom t-shirt printing lets brands express their creativity freely without sacrificing quality.

We can add neck printed neck label to blank garments making your brand look the same as the big brands

So, if you’re after high-quality prints that last and help your brand shine brighter than a diamond in the rough—you know where to go. Shirtworks is here for all your garment printing needs.

Cost Effective Solutions

Shirtworks is not just about high-quality printing, but also offering cost-effective solutions for your clothing brand. Our services let you launch a line without breaking the bank.

We understand that starting up can be tough on the pocket. But don’t worry. We’ve got an affordable print-on-demand service that allows you to only pay for what sells. This way, you avoid sinking money into stock that doesn’t move.

This print-on-demand system means less risk and more profit margins for you.

Bulk Order Discounts

The best part? The more you order, the better the price. Yes, Shirtworks offers bulk order discounts which make larger runs even more economical. This gives your brand room to grow while keeping costs low.

You’re not left out if you prefer smaller quantities either – our pricing structure is designed to accommodate both large and small orders effectively.

No Hidden Costs

We believe in transparency at Shirtworks – no hidden costs or surprise charges when working with us. From start to finish, we keep everything upfront so there’s no guessing game with finances involved in creating your clothing line.

UK Based Services

If you’re planning to start a clothing brand, Shirtworks’ UK-based services are here for you. Our printing service is all about offering reliable and professional support as you embark on your journey.

We understand that quality control can be tricky when outsourcing overseas. With our localised operations, we offer better oversight of the production process. This way, we ensure your designs come out just how you want them.

Focused Customer Service

Shirtworks prioritises excellent customer service. Being UK-based means we’re in the same time zone as most of our clients – there’s no need to navigate awkward international call times or language barriers.

You can get immediate help with any questions or issues that may arise during your project’s execution because our team is just a phone call away.

A Faster Turnaround Time

In fashion, timing matters. Quick delivery can give your brand an edge over competitors who rely on overseas providers.

Our swift dispatch times mean less waiting around for stock – helping keep up the momentum in those crucial early days of launching a new range or product line.

Economic Boosts Locally

Last but not least, by choosing Shirtworks’ local services, not only do you get high-quality garment printing but also contribute positively towards supporting jobs and businesses within the UK economy – so it’s a win-win.

Sustainable Practices

Creating a sustainable clothing brand isn’t just about the end product. It’s also about the journey there, and that’s where Shirtworks steps in.

We are passionate about our commitment to sustainability. Our print-on-demand offerings diminish wastefulness by only producing what’s needed when it is essential. This practice significantly decreases excess stock and unnecessary carbon emissions caused by overproduction.

Fair Wear Foundation certifies many of our garments which means they’re produced under ethical working conditions with fair wages for workers.

Fair Trade and GOTS-Approved Garments

Beyond reducing waste, we make sure that all of our sourced materials come from Fair Trade-certified producers and manufacturers.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) approves many of our garment options too. They certify textiles based on environmental criteria along their entire organic supply chain.

Eco-friendly Printing Techniques

To keep things green, we use water-based inks for direct-to-garment printing instead of traditional plastisol inks. Water-based ink is more eco-friendly because it doesn’t contain PVC or phthalates – harmful chemicals often used in standard screen-printing processes.

Begin Your Fashion Journey

Launching a clothing brand may seem overwhelming, but Shirtworks has got your back. From offering ethical printing services to delivering high-quality prints – they’re there for you.

Remember that starting a clothing brand with minimal investment is possible thanks to cost-effective solutions from Shirtworks. And remember, being UK-based ensures reliable and professional service.

The need for sustainable approaches cannot be overstated. By choosing Shirtworks, you align yourself with these values too.

You’ve learned the basics now – so why not take the leap? Your fashion dreams are waiting…

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