Shirtworks roadtest for new Stanley Stella products for 2016.

Shirtworks roadtest for new Stanley Stella products for 2016.

What has a seminal 1947 Tennesee Williams play about complex human interactions and a study of masculinity have in common with a 21st century clothing brand?

Well…………..we have no idea!

Stanley & Stella (S&S) are two of the main characters in ‘A Streetcar named Desire’ and also the name of an ethical clothing brand which has positioned itself as a fashion white label product for anyone wanting to create a product driven as well as brand driven clothing brand of their own.

The garment decoration business has long been supplying basic t shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies etc…. for screenprinting or embroidery but in the last 3 years there have been interesting ‘fashion’ orientated products coming into the market.

These products have been constructed using alternative weave and dying processes to create fashion textures that have been appearing on the high street recently.

S&S also use organic cotton and their products are Fair Wear accredited. This can be an important message for your own brand and can add value, credibility and brand equity.



These manufacturing processes along with a commitment to ‘tailoring’ to fit and complement the human physique offer a premium quality product that might be just what you are looking for.

Shirtworks road tested some of the new products…we have taken our own photos so you can see how they look on real people. Buckle up amigo’s.

STSM323 Stanley Seeks Denim and STSM523 Stanley Seeks


100% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton Terry unbrushed fleece 280 GSM

The ‘seeks’ comes as a denim colourway with product code ending 323 and then in 6 alternative colours under a different code ending 523. The fit is the same.

We found this to be a Comfortable but snug fit even though it is described as a ‘medium fit’ by S&S. 280gsm is a mid to lightweight thickness for a sweatshirt.

The contrasting cuffs offer something interesting. We think the set-in sleeve is fine but the trend at the moment is a raglan sleeve which we think might have improved this garment. As with many S&S sweatshirt type products, the inside of the garment is un-brushed. This stops the garment from bulking out and allows the fabric to ‘hang’ better on the torso without the wearer looking a little ‘padded’ out.

Screenprint, digital and embroiderable.

STSM553 Stanley Speeds.


100% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton Twill brushed Fleece 300 GSM

This sweatshirt has loads of character. Contrast cover stitching on all major seams and a contrast panel down the side which has a slight ‘slimming’ effect. It has a diagonally sewn rib for the neck which is unusual but does not alter the way the garment fits around the neck. Not sure what practical reason this has been stitched like this and it is probably purely micro-aesthetic decision. A noticeable heavier feel than the previous product but still has that un-brushed inside finish. Really long cuffs on the arms may not be for everyone but these products are aiming at a stylish niche. Comes in 4 colour combinations and is described by S&S as a ‘medium fit’ garment.

Screenprintable and embroiderable.

STSM717 Stanley Tours Sherpa and STSW227 Stella travels Sherpa



85% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton 15% Polyester Brushed fleece – carbonised 300 GSM Full Sherpa lining in recycled Polyester.

This is our favourite, particularly as winter is going to be bitter this year. Mega comfy to slouch about in watching the X factor or keeping you toasty around town. Has a little inside pocket which needs a small zip if we are honest but that is a minor detail that doesn’t stop this garment being excellent.

Even though this has a full fleece lining it is customisable anywhere as there is an access panel in the back for screen printers or embroiderers to get into.

The one pictured is called Slub Mid Heather Clay and is an ‘oatmeal’ colour in reality. It comes in 6 colours overall in a mixture of ‘slub’ type weaves and single colour weaves. We really like the Snow dark Heather Blue colour which is the top pictures.

The kangaroo pocket is attached to the body of the garment with a ‘rough’ vintage look. Not sure why they did that.

This is the best fleecy hood in this market which is not well serviced for this type of garment.

Screenprintable and embroiderable

STSU803 Study.


85% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton 15% Polyester terry unbrushed fleece – carbonized 300 GSM

We think this is called the ‘Study’ as it appears to be a take on the college baseball type jacket.

We like the raglan sleeve which means a nice fit over the shoulder. Extra chunky elastic rib on hem, cuffs and around neck. Fits beautifully and has neat little side pockets which are unobtrusive and do not affect the sleek silhouette. The body is a single colour standard sweatshirt weave; the arms have a pronounced ‘marble’ effect.

This garment is easily screenprinted or embroidered.

Only comes in this one colour so very low on options with that one.

STSU802 Stream


100% organic ring-spun combed Cotton single jersey 140 GSM* *Weight of sweatshirt may vary according to the colour between 130 and 150 GSM

This is a very lightweight hoody for the summer of for the stylish ‘gym bunny’. It is described as a ‘medium fit’ by S&S but we think it is aimed as the skinny fellas as it is a little on the tight side if you are carrying some weight. Consider trading up a size.

Comes in 10 colours in a mixture of ‘heather’ and standard single colours.

The hood has a small ribbed hem around the opening to give it some weight and help it stay on your head by gripping it slightly. Small ribbed cuffs.

We would urge caution embroidering this with a stitch-heavy logo.

We like the zip being on display, it adds contrast.

We think this works best in the summer or as a part of a layered look under a jacket with the hood out.

STTM554 Stanley Chills Slub


Single Jersey 100% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton- slub 260 GSM

This T shirt is very clingy, described as ‘fitted’ by S&S, but comfortable at the same time. The weight at 260 means that it hangs in a very particular way which feels like it is drawn to your body.This is also down to the large loose knit weave.

The neck is wider than a standard t shirt and features a heavy contrast stitching effect and ‘V’ in the front.

This product only comes in a single colour and we think they are testing the market to see if other colours will be launched.

There isn’t really anything else like this available in this market.

Screenprintable and embroiderable.

STTM555 Stanley Flames


Another large loose weave T-shirt in a heavy fabric with that figure-hugging feel.

The 2 x 2 rib construction gives it a chunky weave look and the style is very much ‘Henley’ or ‘Grandad’. Depending on what decade you were born in. Only comes in the colour shown.

The thicker weave means that this is not entirely suitable for screen-printing unless you are happy with a heavy spot cured ink deposit. It would also present some challenges for embroidery as the weave has lots of ‘stretch and give’.

There is a slight curve on the front and back bottom hem and contrast stitching on most seams except the bottom hemline seam.

S&S describe this as ‘fitted’. I think we agree.

Screenprintable and embroiderable.

STSW057 Stella Glides


100% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton Terry unbrushed fleece 280 GSM

‘Crop top’ that shows off your belly. Chunky ribbed neck and cuffs.

This is a lightweight sweatshirt with drop shoulder seam and small pleats on the front hemline.

Easy to screenprint, digital print or embroider and is probably most likely to lurk in fashionable gyms or hanging off a festival babe so you can see her belly button piercing.

Un-brushed on the inside so it does not bulk out. Comes in 2 colours.

STSU804 Tell unisex


100% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton Textured Terry Fleece 500 GSM

This may be the heaviest weave hoody we have seen without it turning into a fleece.

Extremely high quality and attention to detail.

It features a ribbed side panel extra wide ribbed hem and cuffs with leather draw cord tighteners which look a bit ‘throwback’ but you never know, could come around again.

The side panel tailoring produces a straight tailored silhouette and drop shoulder produces a squarer shoulder profile.

Can easily be screen printed, digitally printed or embroidered.

Comes in 6 colours.

GSMTSK905 Mini Scouts Contrast


85% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton 15% Polyester terry unbrushed fleece – carbonized 300 GSM

Comes in 3 colourways and makes your kids look really funky.

The diagonal neckline is growing on us and is a nice little feature. As with all S&S products, this is beautifully made with extra wide hem and long cuffs.

Unbrushed on the inside seems to be the S&S theme. This means it hangs well.

This product can be screen-printed, embroidered and digitally printed but the latter may suffer a little with colour brightness due to the polyester content.

This is a heavy weight for a kids garment so it will definitely last as a’ hand me down’.

The raglan sleeve works best with the contrast sleeve and is typical.

STSK904 Mini Scouts


85% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton 15% Polyester terry unbrushed fleece – carbonized 300 GSM

Comes in 8 colours and is the best quality kids sweat we have seen.

The same construction as the previous product.

STSK903 Mini Voyages Sherpa


85% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton 15% Polyester Brushed fleece – carbonised 300 GSM Full Sherpa lining in recycled Polyester

This is the only fleecy lined hood we know of for kids. It has to be this years winner for cutest product and will stop your kids moaning when you take them to the beach in an English winter.

Exactly the same spec as the adults product but comes in only 3 colours.

Short draw cords for safety.

S&S continue to bring risker products to the market and at the same time make quality improvements and style improvements in more ‘standard’ product lines.

Small details make all the difference and this is where quality products, like the ones we have road tested, make themselves stand apart from the value brands.

These products are manufactured in Bangladesh in WRAP and GOTS certified factories using organic cotton.

fairwear label

This will reflect in the price along with the attention to detail that is built into these garments.

These garments are shipped out of Belgium and can take up to 4 days to arrive in the UK.

Shirtworks continues to be one of the biggest suppliers of the S&S brand in the UK and we hope to grow demand for these excellent products in the coming 12 months.

Author: Arron Harnden

Special thankyou to my little Vizzle for ironing the garments before we photographed them.

Thank you to my little Maddie for taking the pictures.



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