Shirtworks Now Supplying NUS Stores

nus-studentsWe’re delighted to announce that we have been awarded a contract to supply official National Union of Students affiliated shops with our printed and embroidered garments. Due to our established history of working with students, institutions, sports clubs, and societies, we’re very excited to receive this recognition from the NUS, and the team is looking forward to working with a number of NUS stores in Universities across the UK.

This development goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to taking ethical and environmental responsibilities seriously, with the NUS also placing huge emphasis on confronting environmental issues head-on. Our attitude and credentials served us well in gaining this contract, in particular our proud claim to be the world’s only printer and embroiderer to have formal accreditation from The Soil Association. This focus on environmental responsibilities is being reflected in the enquiries that we are receiving at Shirtworks, with more and more people asking us about our ethically sourced products. This highlights a wider interest in looking after our planet, and we see this shift in attitude as an extremely positive development.

Our Approach

Our approach encompasses Organic, Fairtrade, and Ethical printing & embroidery, and we know that the clothing industry in particular is under scrutiny. We aim to provide products and services that are as pure as possible, and in the process we combat issues such as child labour, sweatshops and deforestation. Improving the ethical supply chain and minimising carbon footprints isn’t just a short-term commitment; we have been taking this approach for a number of years and will continue to do so in the future.

Only a limited number of printers and embroiderers have the opportunity to work with the NUS on an official level, so we’re delighted to have met all the required criteria in terms of our experience, equipment, output, and attitude. Becoming an official supplier to NUS stores means that we can utilise the experience and expertise that we have gained from our close association with Universities and Colleges in Oxford over the many years that we have been based in this wonderful city. We know that students are proud of where they study and the groups that they socialise and work with, so we understand what they want from the printed and embroidered clothing that represents this.


For more information about the T-shirt and hoody printing services that we offer to students, societies, Universities, and sports clubs, call 0800 072 5334 today or you can contact us here.

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