How to stand out at exhibitions

stand out at exhibition

For years, people have travelled to exhibition halls across the world meeting with trade partners, competitors and allies looking for new products, services and seeing what the world in their niche will hold in the future. 

That’s why, when it comes to standing out at an exhibition centre this needs to be one of the biggest concerns you have. There are hundreds of other businesses all after the same customers and partners you’re looking to secure and build future relationships with. 

So what are the top actionable tips that you can take to make your business stand out at an exhibition? Here are just a few to get you thinking. 

1) Invest in great displays

There is nothing worse than stands having very little information or Point Of Sale documentation for visitors. You want to be seen, and one of the clear ways to do it is by having a stand that showcases the best of your product or service. Digital displays are great for this but that’s not the only solution. Think about printed boards, T-boards and adjustable stands; a mixture of graphics and writing that really highlight your services. 


2) Organise demonstrations

If there is one way to draw a crowd it’s to… have a crowd to begin with. The way you do that is by having organised demonstrations at your stand. And they don’t need to be demonstrations either, it could be a mini fireside chat or a small group of people actively taking part in a discussion. Either way, getting people to your stand is easier when they see other people there as well. 


3) Get branded up!

One of the best ways to stand out at an exhibition is to be branded up. Pencils, cups, mini-footballs, whatever you can brand up, you must. One of the best ways to get branded up however is, with a promotional t-shirt. Exhibition halls are abuzz with people, conversations and demonstrations but just imagine every time you go to a new area of the hall, someone sees your brand. That’s how you get attention and get remembered for your time there and so branding as a point of reference is hugely important. 


4) Think of creative stunts to grab their attention

One exhibition we went to had an owl on a perch; it was real much to the surprise of the marketing manager who thought it was fake and decided to stick his head very close to the nocturnal animal… anyway the long of short of it remains, he never forgot, and neither did we. Something creative like a card magician or a freestyle footballer will get the crowd talking! 


5) Make design your focus 

When you place design at the centre of your stand you are positioning your whole business as something that wants and needs to be seen. There are lots of great examples of what good design looks like but focusing on colours, typography and layout will be key to making your business stand out at exhibitions. 


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