Have you ever thought about printing on the inside of your t shirt?


Have you ever thought about printing on the inside of your t shirt?

I know…..what would be the point?

However, for some time now we have seen exactly this going on with fashion brands and we have to admit it looks kind of nifty if you get it right

The idea is that you create your artwork as normal and your screen printer then inverts your design before making the screen and then prints this inverted design on the inside of the custom t shirt, after turning it inside out, using an extra amount of squeegee pressure to push the ink through the garment.

This ‘push through’ results in the design showing through the garment when it is turned back the right way.

As you can see it creates a washed out vintage effect that can soften a large heavy design and give it a more pleasing aesthetic. It works especially well on a tri-blend or burnout style t shirt because these garments have a more styled weave that produces an exaggerated effect.

Example of a t shirt printed inside out

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Image courtesy of Threadfast Apparel

The downsides of this technique however is that the printer cannot accurately determine the finished result or get any type of consistency as the final effect is only visible after the garment has been printed and cured and turned back the right way to be seen. If it hasn’t gone well, it can result in a reject.

The other downside is that the feel of the design on the inside of the garment against the wearers skin, can be sometimes uncomfortable.

Another issue for your printer is the faff involved in turning the shirt inside out to start with and then having to turn them back the right way again when the job is completed. Admittedly this is not the customers issue but you may be charged fr the extra time it takes to do the job.

Luckily there is a solution that eliminates all of these issues and gives the designer total control over the finished look.

It is possible to overlay a texture onto your design that mimics the effect of printing on the inside of the garment.

Textures have been commonplace in t shirt designing for a number of years now if the desired effect is a distressed or vintage loo and now this technique has been used to create the desired fine weave effect that printing on the inside of a t shirt produces.

Luckily for you, we have these filters and our graphics team can apply them to your designs when you place your order and we produce a mock-up for you to sign off.

There are a number of different effects possible, from very dense effects to more sparse textural interference. See below.

  Here is one of the images enlarged so that you can see the weave of the garment. This filter is placed directly on top of the artwork file with some opacity configurations that artificially create the desired effect.

Enlarged view of T shirt filter for inside out effect

  It can be done in photoshop or illustrator with variable control over the final effect. See below for image 1 with no filter and then 2 and 3 with slightly increased application of filter.

 What these filters now enable is an ‘inside out’ effect that was previously only possible for screen printing to now be possible for digital printing.

The results are 100% controllable.

If you would like to see more infomation on createing distressed look on t-shirts then we take a look out or blog on distressed artwork

As always, your Shirtworks account manager can discuss this further with you if you have any questions.




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