Elevate Your Brand: Custom Shirt Printing for Agencies and Companies

Did you know that when your company’s morale is high, so is your retention rate? When an employee feels disengaged from your company and its message, it can cost you. This is also one of the reasons why things like custom company shirts are becoming so popular.

Think about it this way, if we’re talking specifics, disengaged employees are costing businesses around $550 billion per year all due to lost productivity. This isn’t the fault of the actual employee though. It’s the job of the company to make its workers feel welcome, taken care of, appreciated, and engaged.

Boosting your morale and creating an inviting environment can help to re-engage your employees. It helps them to reestablish a relationship and appreciation for the brand identity of your business.

Close to half (47%) of job seekers that are actively seeking a new role are doing so because of ‘bad culture’ within their current company. You might not see it coming, so instead of leaving it up to chance, keep reading to learn more about a process that could engage your employees and reestablish your team.

Custom Company Shirts and What They Do

Custom company shirts are a simple and affordable way to foster a strong sense of inclusion among your employees. This idea often goes overlooked because it’s so simple, but t-shirt printing is an effective way to make your employees feel special and even market your business. You’d be surprised at how many of your employees might wear company merchandise like custom company shirts or other custom apparel outside of company functions.

This in itself is external exposure. What’s even better is that the use of custom clothing doesn’t have to only be for your staff. You can extend this to your audience and use this as an opportunity to offer promotional t-shirts with purchases, subscriptions, or contract renewals.

Customized t-shirts alone can help to generate long-lasting impressions on your audiences. That along with your employees wearing your business’s paraphernalia increases the reach of your exposure. It also helps to quickly take your company from ‘just a business’ to a ‘brand’.

How Your Business Can Achieve Workplace Positivity

Workplace positivity has to do with a lot more than just praising employees and avoiding criticism. You should be showing a genuine interest in your employees and what each one does within their role. One way that you can do this is through custom clothing for each employee.

This doesn’t only have to be for small and mid-sized businesses though. There is such a thing as affordable t-shirt printing with the option to customize them by name, special sayings, or even using images. Customization can help your employees and your business stand out, establishes a certain brand image, and can give different teams ways to express themselves.

You can increase workplace positivity by also thinking outside the box. Consider some of these ideas:

  • Providing work uniforms that are customized based on certain teams or roles
  • Increase morale and friendly competition by offering custom apparel to highlight those that get a promotion
  • Create an offering for potential customers that includes custom clothing
  • Increase company exposure by designing t shirts to show your support of different causes
  • Plan to take company-wide pictures in different custom apparel and have them published in local newspapers or magazines

The ideas are endless with what you can do to boost the way your business runs and the way your employees work for it through customized t shirts.

Have You Seen the Signs of Employees Becoming Uninterested?

Is your company suffering from low morale with the potential of work and production suffering? You may or may not be able to tell but there are a few tell-tale signs. If you are noticing poor performance among your employees as well as poor quality in their work, these are signs of low morale.

If you are noticing poor attitudes with consistent negativity even if these attitudes aren’t directed toward anyone, this is another sign. If your employees do the bare minimum with little excitement, you might be guessing that this is a sign as well. To combat all of these potential issues, be proactive.

Avoiding an internal downfall doesn’t have to be complex. To re-establish your employee’s interest in your company, do so with something simple like work shirts. Package the customized t-shirts individually with their name on the packaging and leave them on their desk.

Or, if your company is strictly remote, mail it to them. Doing this as a surprise can immediately make your employees feel good about themselves. If they were on the verge of leaving, something like this could change their minds.

If you want to expand your team and save money on marketing, you can use t-shirt printing for this as well. This could be done in the form of establishing a referral program.

Offer your employees a bonus for referring a new employee and give them and the new employee customized t shirts as an additional token of your appreciation. There are a variety of ways to enhance workplace positivity whilst increasing exposure and even revenue, you just have to know when and how to get creative.

The Process and How It Works

It might sound like high-quality direct to garment printing is a long process but it’s actually quick and simple. The process only involves a few steps;

  • A machine cuts out your chosen designs onto vinyl pieces
  • Heat presses are used to transfer those vinyl pieces onto your chosen work shirts or work uniforms
  • Your shirt is then sent to you for you to use for any initiative of your choice

There isn’t much for you to do on your part other than providing the design and text you’d like on the shirt and where on the shirt you want it. If you have an idea that you want to implement as soon as next month, you’d get your order in plenty of time. If you need to achieve a certain amount of shirts more quickly, there are options for that as well.

The only thing that has to happen first is deciding how you want to launch your first use of custom clothing for your business. For example, at least 72% of businesses are using social media platforms to help guide their business decisions.

Social media is used a lot now for market research and reaching potential customers. Have you realized though that you don’t have to restrict your efforts to only advertising your services? You can also plaster your brand across social channels just to get general exposure and brand recognition.

One of the best ways to do this is through the use of customized t-shirts. Things like this resonate well with a variety of audiences and ‘most’ exposure is great exposure either way. Whether you want them for internal or external use (or both), you can expect higher rates of engagement, the opportunity to establish yourself at the center of your industry, and a great return on your investment.

A Look at the Potential Numbers

We know that boosted morale means productivity. Boosted productivity means less chance of losses in profit and working capital.

If your employees are feeling productive, you can expect to sit within a much higher operating margin. More productive companies will often have an operating margin between 30% and 50% compared to competing companies that are significantly less productive.

You have to also consider how much more business you might attract from t-shirt printing. Custom work shirts are a good way to target certain audiences, causes, and areas. If done the right way, you could bring in more leads without intending to do so.

Fashion marketing influences the decisions of buyers and can largely influence your digital presence as well. These methods are for those that want to use them for both internal and external efforts. However, regardless of your current idea(s), there is always room to grow.

Overall, if you aren’t a one-man show, this is something that you have to put in the hands of your employees. Something as simple as investing in custom apparel or custom work uniforms could be the difference between your revenue stream increasing, decreasing, or remaining stagnant.

Allowing Your Company to Benefit in a Variety of Ways

Just as a company’s workers receive benefits, the business itself deserves the same. Simple options like getting into fashion marketing and offering employees and customers custom company shirts hold a lot of weight. You can expect to see a good return on investment that could positively affect employee retention, workplace positivity, and even revenue.

To get started with elevating your business and giving it the look of a brand… contact the Shirtworks team and get clothing that speaks volumes about what your business stands for.

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