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Each quarter we will focus attention on one of our student customers to tell their story.

This year we ran a really popular TORPIDS STASH REFUND competition which was energetically contested between Univ and Wadham.

There could only be one winner and here is some of their story in their own words……

Univ W1 have seen a lot of change this campaign, with 5 new crew members – 3 of whom are novices. With a place in Division One of Torpids, we were determined to hold our own in the competition. The dire weather conditions this term could have put an end to that. However, we had a great new coach, John, whose creative training programme built our fitness and kept up team spirit. We also managed a couple of trips to the Redgrave and Pinsent Lake at Caversham. John’s particular views on racing attire made us consider our stash decision very carefully. However, our awesome hoodies from Shirtworks didn’t disappoint and John joined us at the bung-line on race day proudly wearing his.

Overall, W1 had a successful Torpids. We suffered a couple of bumps from fast following crews who went on to achieve blades. However, we fought back to bump twice ourselves – maintaining our 11th position. Our fantastic cox, Jaxom, ensured that we gave our best, and we finished the week proud of our achievements.

Up next is the Women’s Head of the River Race – a gruelling 6km race in London. John is staying on for our Summer Eights Campaign. We have a strong pool of women ready to trial for the first eight, and are hoping to build upon our strong position as 9th on the river. We are also hoping to enter more external regattas to gain wider rowing experience.

Big thanks to Laura Oakley for providing the write-up and we hope to see all the teams in the shop for their Summer Eights stash…..x

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