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Viridian are a great client of ours, out to improve your physical and mental health. Their recent “Sex and Vitamins” campaign used printed T-shirts to drive their message in a cheeky and fun way by using the two things that many of us need a lot more of.

Viridian have been named as ‘Best Buy’ in Ethical Consumer magazine and also in the Good shopping guide.
They were commended for their commitment to pure ingredients, environmental awareness and charity donations.
The Daily Mails Dr Alex Richardson named the ViniKid Multi as the best children’s multivitamin due to the purity of the ingredients.
Viridian’s supply chain is rigorously vetted to ensure that its products are free from GM products, irradiated ingredients, added sugars and artificial colourings.This makes them as pure as possible with no animal testing as part of the development.You can find these products at most good stockists or click here for more info.


Viridian decided on T shirts as their chosen communicative media as they believe in the sound marketing principle that advocates wearing their message will spread the word of their brand as ‘ambassadors’ far better than a digital media or print media campaign.

Who is going to miss their friend wearing ‘Sex and Vitamins’ emblazoned on their chest.

We think this a brave and clever move with the essence of their products distilled and simplified into two easy and emotive words.
Hands up who wants more sex! Maybe vitamins are the answer………………….


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