Cheap T-Shirt Printing: The Best Value?

shirtworks oxford t-shirt printingHere at Shirtworks, potential clients will sometimes tell us that they’ve had a cheaper offer for their clothing printing. We know that price is an incredibly important factor when buying a product, and we also feel that value, customer service and quality rank just as high as the end price to our customer.

This is why we look at every like for like competitor’s quote and try to beat it. There are many considerations to be made when choosing a clothing printing company, which we have detailed below. It is important to note that price is not the only factor that should be considered when choosing a printing company; the cheapest option isn’t always the best option.



When buying a new product it is expected that a customer will look at many different options before deciding which to buy, and it may be the case that they place one of our t shirts next to a competitors and find a price difference.

The important thing to remember here is that there are a lot of different processes and procedures that may cause the price to be lower on a competing shirt; do they use iron on transfers rather than our high quality method of screen printing? Are their products ethically sourced? Do they print a base layer to give a great print? Does the product get given special attention throughout the printing process.

At Shirtworks our number one priority is to give our customers a great looking print on their garment of choice, and this is achieved by making sure that their artwork is suitable for the clothing that we are printing on. We spot cure several times for multicolour work which can slow down the entire print process but it is definitely worth it to gain the highest quality colour.

Detail and Deadlines

Each member of our staff is trained to spot any problems at every stage of the printing process, whether it’s problems in the material itself or miscalculations on sizing or order details.

Due to the fact that we’re so strict about how we monitor our products and process you might think that it takes longer for products to get to you, but this is not the case. We know how important it is to get your clothing on time and we are used to working to tight deadlines. Even within the tightest of deadlines if a mistake occurs for any reason, you can still be confident that our attention to detail means you will receive your product on time and with the highest of quality.


Value is defined as the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Value is entirely subjective; one customer may value a range of colour options whereas another may value the ethical quality of our products.

At Shirtworks, we value quality, customer service and a fair price for our product. Low price doesn’t always mean the best value, and in this case this can lead you to lose out on the quality of material, printing and process.

Customer Service

Our staff are highly trained in every area and have a vast knowledge of all types of decoration and the necessary requirements for design and printing. For example, we know exactly which shirts will give the best print results for digital, what shirts will wash the best and how generous the sizing is. We also take care of any relabeling and can answer any questions about adapting images or adding a caption.

The Problem With ‘Cheap’

We have a problem with the word cheap; it holds too many negative connotations. Cheap is often late, the wrong colour or the wrong size. Cheap often equals poor quality in a manner of ways, whether it’s the garment, the printing or the embroidery. Simply put, cheap leaves you feeling cheap. This is why Shirtworks is proud to say we are not the cheapest but we are the best, and we’ll never leave you thinking any different.

Our Mission Statement

Shirtworks aims to deliver, without fail, a first class quality product backed up by a customer service experience unmatched by our rivals.

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