Blog Post – Company Uniforms: Matching Quality For Cost


uniformProfessionalism counts for a lot. A simple uniform can transform a workplace, establishing brand, reinforcing unity and tying your team together visually. The whole appearance of your getup will be slicker and more professional, without having to compromise on the relaxed atmosphere or feel-good-vibe particular to your business.

All off the back of a few polo shirts or printed v-necks! Let’s look at this a little more.

Benefits of company uniforms

Company uniforms encourage customers to approach your staff. A uniform instantly identifies someone as an employee, making it easier and more automatic for potential customers to ask queries or request orders.

Your staff will feel more professional when in uniform. It can help them to differentiate between personal and work time, enabling them to get in the zone faster and work more efficiently on the shop floor or at their desk.

Uniforms look great! Lift your company to the next level with a couple of quality tees. Show your customers you care about your image and your brand.

Matching quality for cost

Your biggest concern is probably cost. You might be worried about breaking the bank over something that doesn’t seem to matter very much. A quality uniform does matter!

And you don’t need to worry about cost.

Expensive uniform doesn’t necessarily mean the best quality clothing. In fact, overpriced tees say a lot more about the business morals of a company than the quality of its products. Shop around, and you’ll quickly find there are plenty of places to match quality for cost.

Of course, it can be difficult to trust a stranger with your uniform requirements without having done business with them before. This is where Shirtworks comes in.


You’ll be hard-pushed to find someone who’s been printing and distributing T-shirts for as long as us. You’ll be hard-pushed to match our quality for cost, too.

We’ve been working hard to provide the country with uniquely printed T-shirts as far back as the 80s, when we first began selling tees to Oxford University students from our humble stall in the Jam Factory.

Nowadays our market is UK-wide, selling tailor-made digitally printed, screenprinted and embroidered T-shirts at affordable prices to businesses of all sizes, from the smallest startups to large multinationals.

The best news? Over 97% of our customers would use us again. Your opinion matters to us, which is why we constantly ask for feedback, so we can continue to deliver the ideal service.

You can read some testimonials here.

Still worried about quality, or cost? We didn’t think so. Browse the website, see for yourself what we can do, then think about bringing your company to life with some simple, affordable work uniforms.

To talk to Shirtworks about printing some tees, call us on 0800 072 5334 or get in touch here.


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