Bio Hazard prophylactics

Who knew in the beginning of 2020 that the ‘must have’ clothing accessory for the virally aware was going to be a face-mask?

They were destined to be everywhere, loved by brands, in all shapes and colours and with varying effectiveness.

Depending on what press you read, what headline you caught while scrolling facebook or what your internal truth detector told you, that sweaty face covering that the government forced you to wear could be as useless as tissue paper or you could deck yourself out in the type of kit the Army would dress you in before you crossed the start-line into a nuclear, biological and chemical battle space.

Even before you had time to cough loudly in public, we began to see city pathways and urban hedges blighted by the site of those cheap disposable masks.

‘Disposable’…such an ugly word for the face-mask.

99% guaranteed to be imported from Asia or the far east with little or no protection and destined to end up as more crap in landfill, in waterways and in oceans.

Ask yourself we really need anything else imported from China. They have already given us soooo much.

If your answer is ‘no thanks’ then you have a UK made choice, by well paid, well fed workers on a living wage in bright and clean working facilities.

Reusable, washable and can be printed with your logo.

Made in the UK facemasks

Like many businesses, adapting to lower revenues, we repurposed some of our skills and textile know-how into the manufacture of a double layered cotton face mask.

Manufacturing in the UK is not as cheap as imports..we all know the reasons why.

If your purse does not stretch to textiles made in blighty then have a look at these.

Imported facemasks

Both of these models offer double ply protection but the UK mask has a better more secure ’round the head’ attachment rather than ‘over the ears’.

You will need to board the train for facemasks at some point and you might consider the ramifications of your purchase before you buy some cheap crap.

Buckle up readers. 2020 is going to be as rough as it gets.

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