8 Tips on how to find the perfect t-shirts for your brand


Like most t shirt printing companies out there, we stock over 2000 custom clothing products, it’s a competitive market and we need to be able to cater to all. From the office, church’s, sports, school club, cafeteria, all the way to lifestyle brands. We find that it’s easier to sell something, when you believe in it and there’s a significant meaning behind.

We have customers who swear by fruit of the loom t shirts, Stanley Stella, Anvil or B&C. but also we have some who swear blindly by Gildan and will never go back. If you find yourself unsure, we are always on hand to advise. And will always suggest you have a browse through our catalogue and buy samples.

Here are a few things to consider and remember we’re always on hand to help you figure this out, but you’ve always got to have an idea of what you want.

Step 1. Think about what the type of t-shirt you often reach out for in your wardrobe.This is usually a sign of your personal style.

Is it a lightweight,mid-weight, standard weight or is it a heavy weight t-shirt you throw on after a long day. In which case which market within the lifestyle brand umbrella are you targeting?

For most of us cotton t-shirt with a grey marl effect tend to be a favourite and we’ll buy these by the dozen. So it’s always good to do a little bit of marketing and consumer research.

Step 2. What is it about the shirt that you like the most

Is it that the shirt has a peach like surface and reminds you of your favourite childhood blanky or it is that the shirt is good quality washes well, retains its shape and is versatile?

Step 3. Is this shirt printed or is it plain?

Studies show that we are usually drawn to things we identify with, whether it is a quote from the Coen brothers movie, a band t shirt or whether its because the t shirt has a sassy caption. “Sorry, i’m late i didn’t want to come”

If you like the shirt,because it’s printed with a nice caption then you may need to start considering screen print as a decorative finish. However if it’s a picture, then digital is the way to go.

Step 4. Was it a gift?

Do you wear this shirt because your significant other bought it for you,and god forbid you say it’s not really your style,but you’ve found that you actually like it because it’s cozy and you’re too british to say “no!”

It’s important to think about how you want your end user to feel about the shirt as these people will help you determine how successful and influential your concept is.

If your audience views your product as gift worth, you can bet your pony that you’ve struck gold. These will be the same people that come back to you, month-after-month,year-after-year.

Step 5. What other distinctive features does your shirt have?

Is it that the 1×1 rib collar neck details, that feels is like no other? It has a nice tight knit which when worn feels like second skin. Or is it the t-shirt that has no neck, sleeve and hem ribbing and is a raw edge tee? Do you find that the shirt shows off your best features and hides your sins.

In which case, you may need to consider whether it is slim fit garments your after or whether it is standard fitting. Personally my favourite t-shirt are slim fits that make my chest look like pamela Anderson.

One of those favourite tees is the Bella canvas (BL8808) flowy tee. I love this shirt, because I can dress it up and down. The style is super chic, the cut is low yet conservative. The shirt has a really intricate curved hem detail with a side slit therefore, If I wake up tomorrow and i want to tuck the front in and leave back out I can. Also, the colour is super flattering which makes me want to grab it more often that i possibly should.

What role does colour play within your brand? Are you more of an everything is black and forgiving brand or are you more colourful, fitted and almost see through and want to show off,because this is your body and you’re body positive?

Step 7 What is your inspiration? For which we mean, which brands do you look up to ? Who do you view as your competitor?

In business, you’ve always got to check out the competition and find the missing link within the market. Once you’ve found that, you can then create a product to reach an even larger audience. Take Rihanna for instance, she’s one of a few brands successfully creating makeup for to suit all ethnicities. Is that you? Have you found the gap within the market?

Step 8. Think, plan, stay constant and don’t stop thinking.

These days everyone wants to start a clothing brand. And believe us when we tell you, we hear this every 5 minutes either on the phone,via email or live chat. It seems like the ‘easiest’ thing to do, so everyone wants to be nike, or supreme etc. These brands were able to find the missing link within the market or offer something which is the same as everyone but with a difference- they’re name printed on all apparel. Some product every now and then are hit or miss,but on the odd occasion so will yours and that’s ok, that is how you learn.

In conclusion, starting a brand isn’t easy, but with a strong concept, a good eye for design and the ability to market your product it can be done. You will just have to be prepared to spend the time and money to make your vision come true, after all Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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